Camera Shoulder Bag

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Our friends at Think Tank Photo have just released Version 2.0 of what may be the most popular shoulder bags in photo industry history, the Retrospective V2.0.  The Retrospective V2.0 retain their classic look but include many innovative new features. Keeping the soft, form-fitting design, they are lighter than the original. For greater security, they added a zippered opening under the main flap that tucks away when not in use. Each bag has a dedicated interior tablet or laptop pocket, luggage handle pass-through, and a compressible water bottle pocket. They even improved their “Sound Silencer” technology to help you work quietly.  Be sure to use our link to order as you will receive free gear and free shipping!

Jaiden’s Baptism

Jaiden was baptised at Mar Thoma Church of South Florida located in Davie FL. It’s so hard for little ones to be still and quiet for such a long time. He did amazing! Jaiden was full of smiles and laughter right up until it was time for his baptism. Afterwards, he made a fast recovery and was right back to his cute smiling face in no time. The family pulled together and decorated the hall and cake. I can usually tell when its DIY, but not this time. The decorations, cake, balloons and tables looked professional. This family pulling together brings me into this wonderful journey of learning the Indian culture. I had no idea I was in for such a beautiful experience. The close-knit and loyalty of this culture is overwhelming. I feel very privileged to take part in photographing their special events. I keep seeing the same faces over and over and the children getting bigger! Each event I learn just a bit more. I could google it and know what to expect. But I’m enjoying the journey of finding out as I go and them teaching me. Click Here to see a slideshow of the event.

Summer Colors

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with the end of summer and the start of school season, we went for a refreshing and vibrant change. Popping the kids in the car, we decided to end are vacation with a fantastic adventure. Our journey took us all the way to the new pop up art installation at Giralda Plaza in Coral Gables called Umbrella Sky Project.

Blue, Red, Orange, Green, Pink, and Yellow filled the sky as hundreds of free hanging umbrellas swayed above us. A strange pattern that looked both planned and spontaneous.

Gasps of amassment and joy came from both the adults and children with us as we rounded the corner a first set eyes on this rainbow wonderland.

As the kids walked under the shadows of this colorful parade, I could see the wonder and awe on their faces. I hope that today will be a memory they keep with them when they grow older. Something to remind them that there is magic all around them. That is so long as they are willing to step out the door and look for it.


Coral Gabels Umbrealla Sky Project

High School Prom

Rain or shine the prom must go on. I only had a few feet to work in that would keep everyone dry from the rain. I’m actually very pleased and happy with all the photos despite the time crunch and the rain. This dress is absolutely stunning.

Grandparents Love

Grandparents are a delightful blend of laughter, caring deeds, wonderful stories and love.

I’ve often heard that being a grandparent is more wonderful than being a parent. As I photographed these amazing grandparents I could see so much love, joy, pride, happiness and love. When I go back and started editing these photos I could see in it all over again.  As I was looking and editing the photos I couldn’t help but notice an unconditional love that has formed between the two generations. These two grandparents look like the happiest people in the world. I hope to someday in the way future to be like these two grandparents. These grandparents are from a past wedding that I photographed. I knew when I had met the bridal couple they would be clients for life. They have given me so many referrals, I’m so very grateful for each and every one. I have enjoyed over the years getting to know and watch this family grow. The comfort level that everyone had was amazing. Click Here to view the entire family photo session. Click Here to view slideshow.

Having Fun During Photos

Evan’s child portrait session was an absolute blast! We got to play, talk and laugh. I think the hardest part of a child photography session is the mom getting the child to the location. Once there, it’s nothing but fun! We had the most amazing weather that South Florida could give us. Not too many South Florida photography sessions can include a jacket. We headed to the Downtown Fort Lauderdale Las Olas Riverfront which is one of my favourite places to take photos. This is my second year photographing this cutie pie. It’s such a great feeling when a child this young can remember who I am. It could be my amazing personality or maybe it’s just the yummy lollipops I give at the end. I got some amazing facial expressions for his photo shoot. I don’t know if his mom is going to love me or hate because of the number of photos I took of him. CLICK HERE for a slideshow from the photo session.


Found on Google

I can’t believe it. I haven’t been found on Google in over 3 years. The market is so over-saturated with photographers that I don’t even try to rank on Google. I get 80% of business from the good old fashion, word of mounth. That’s still the best way to me. A few weeks ago I got a call from Ann who lives here in Weston and when I ask how she found me she said Google search. I was floored and surprised. I’m so happy she found me. What a lovely group of people to photograph. I’m still editing the photos from the bridal shower but I do have a little slideshow of the day.



When I got back from St. Rita Church in Palm Beach FL. I couldn’t figure out why I took so many photos of this proud dad looking at his beautiful son. Then as I passed from one picture to the next I realized I just documented the day as it was. The father just couldn’t  keep his eyes off him. Here is a little slideshow of the Baptism.

Photos That Show Expression

I love this series of photos. They each show such a different expression.It’s fun for me to see how many expressions I can get during headshots. I feel so limited with headshots because I don’t get much of the pose or background. I love using lines and landscaping to frame my photos. Headshots are all about the person with little or no distractions at all. This is why I focus so much on showing the personality.  

Family Photos for the Holiday Cards

I look forward to hearing from Stacey every year to take photos for her annual holiday cards. I was so happy this year that she and her husband decided to join in on the photos. Each year I take their photos. Sometimes it’s just the girls and once in a while its the whole family. It’s so hard sometimes to get the entire family. Usually, the mom will hire the photographer, coordinate the outfits, design and order the cards and get them all mailed off. Every year Stacey pulls it off. I actually get inspiration from her to start thinking about my own Christmas cards and photos. Interested in a family photo session Click Here